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Quick Grip

  • All-Purpose Permanent Adhesive

  • Repairs, Mends, Bonds: Ceramics, Fabrics, Plastic, Concrete, Leather, Paper, Rubber, Wood, Glass and Metal

  • Waterproof, Weather Proof and Paintable

  • Dries Clear

  • net wt. 2 Fl. oz.

    $5.80 each

  • Bonds Glass, Metal, Plastic, Mosaics, Jewelry, Wire
  • Water & Weather Proof for Outdoor use
  • Super Strong & Flexible
  • Grabs Fast & Dries Clear
  • Great for General Indoor House Repairs

    $6.50 each

  • Bonds Metals, Semi-precious stones, Glass, Ceramics, Plastic, Beads, Wire, Bone, Mirrors
  • Flexible not Brittle when Dry
  • Superior Impact Resistant
  • Dries Clear with Quick Grab
  • Incredibly Strong

    $5.00 each