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Lamp Accessory Kits

Basket Kits

  • Socket is attached to solid brass clamp that fits handles up to 3/8" thick

  • Cord exits from side of brass socket, and is brown and 6' long

  • Has polarized molded end plug

Transforms any Basket into a decorative Lamp
$5.95 each

Gold Zinc Plated Mason Jar Lamp Kit

  • Pre-drilled brass lid (2 3/4" opening)

  • Push-Thru socket with side exit cord, cord is brown and 8' long

Have any Dried Flowers, Sea Shells, Beads?
Put into a jar and make your own decorative Lamp!
$8.20 each


Pre-drilled Zinc Lids
Metal lid resembles old! Thread matches old mason type jars! Use with Side Exit Lamp Kit below

2-3/4" for regular jars
$1.95 each

3-1/2" for wide mouth jars
$2.39 each


Side Exit Lamp Kits
Use with Pre-drilled Zinc lids above

  • Converts just about anything into a lamp

  • Brass push-thru socket has side cord exit, a 6' brown cord with polarized molded end plug

  • sockets fit 1/8" I.P. threaded nipples, accepts standard bulbs

$6.95 each